Sunday, 4 January 2009

Twilight: Why we have all fallen in love with Edward Cullen

Ok, so I eventually watched Twilight last week. And I'm starting this blog *waves* .Yes I know they add scenes, swap scenes, make up scenes, etc etc. It’s not the same as the book. But I loved every second of it. And I think I'm gonna have to go watch it again..

They introduced Edward walking in slow motion through the door in the cafeteria. Yes it's a cliché, it's been done in lots of films but it worked. They needed that scene to be in the film. Exactly how it feels to be a teenage girl. She looks at him and thinks 'wow'. And then has to try and hide her feelings from her friends. Pretends she’s not interested. But she can't resist looking over at him. Their eyes meet (their eyes meet across a crowded room.. lol ).

It is impossible for any female of any age to watch this film (or read the book) and not fall in love with him.

And the fact that Cedric Diggory is Edward Cullen. Who would have thought that it would work so brilliantly?
My favourite scene..Carlisle walking through the doors in the hospital..what an entrance! :)


Quote Of The Day “I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend” Go Jacob.
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