Sunday, 15 March 2009

Happy Birthday Kellan!

Happy 24th birthday Kellan Christopher Lutz. (Emmett Cullen) .

Kellan’s birthday is today (15th March) but he has already been celebrating. Kellan and Edi Gathegi (Laurent) went to their birthday party at Prive Las Vegas on 13th March.
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In honour of this here is a new fanfiction.

It's Emmetts 'human birthday' and Rosalie has a sexy suprise in store!
emmettXrosalie +Gummi bears?! (yes I know Twilight vampires don't eat..) If you're wondering why Gummi bears? It's a reference to something Kellan said at the Eternal Twilight convention..

note: contain scenes of an adult nature. rated 18+ don't like, don't read. (Mum do not read this..)

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