Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Twilight convention memories

27 February - 1st March 2009 Eternal Twilight convention.

Northampton, UK
With Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Justin Chon, Christian Serratos

photos above are me with the guests. Not many other photos because my hands shook so much and all my pics are blurry.. and 2 photos of Peter in 'Can't Hardly Wait' because.. do I need a reason?!
Eternal Twilight was amazing. My guest encounter with Peter is something I will remember for the rest of my life! well worth £86.

I still can't believe this happened..
I had my autograph and photoshoot both on the Sunday. So at this point on the Saturday (5pm) I had seen him from a distance on stage during the talks but hadn't actually met him.
guest encounter: 10 attendees in a room with 1 guest chatting/drinking tea/eating biscuits for an hour. So basically there is a list of the wall. during the day you write in your bid and the top 10 bids win and they all pay the 10th highest bid amount. I bid £150 but ended up only paying £86. I came out of a guest talk in the main hall and immediately looked on the list to see if I'd won. Yes I had! I walked to the room, all the time thinking oh my god I've won, in a daze to be honest, and I paid amount to crew member in the corridor. There was a queue to pay, for other guest encounters, with Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene. It had taken me a while to get out of the talk room/ check list/ pay. Every one else was already in the room, I was trying extremely hard not to hyperventilate, trying to calm myself down. I took a deep breath and walked in. The only spare chair left was the one immediately next to Peter! So I walked across the room and sat down to his left. He was already answering a question.

It was so overwhelming to actually meet him. I didnt ask a question for 20 mins because I couldn't talk I just stared at him in disbelief! I knew I wouldn't get the words out.

He told us what he whispered in Robs ear just before he bites/turns him. He whispered "be reborn my son", and something else then after a few more takes just whispered stuff like "you're sexy"!! poor Rob

He said that Eclipse will be his favourite movie because the Cullens are in it more, but personally it would be New Moon (cos he's Team Jacob!!). This is the only thing he said that I was shocked by because i am soo NOT Team Jacob..

( http://www.whosdatedwho.com/news/story_view.asp?ID=22275

Rob Pattinson s fav book is New Moon. wtf is going on?! are Rob and Peter both Team Jacob? obviously Taylor is ..something weird is going on...conspiracy!! )

He had read the New Moon script. and where it says 'Edward sparkles' someone has written in the margin 'but better than before' ha ha we soo laughed at that!

He talked about his daughters, how his youngest thought he was a wrestler, now she thinks he's a doctor!

He explained how he is very comfortable being in a room full of women, because he has 3 sisters and now 3 daughters and he can't escape us!

I asked about agents and managers. like how come Kellan and Ashley filmed 'Warrior' together, and that Kellan is in '90210' with Peters wife. He said it was just a coincidence. Lots of people auditioned for the roles and it just so happens that they all know each other.

Someone asked about a screenplay he's done and he explained the plot to us. Sorry I can't remember anything about it now!!

He hadn't spoken to Rob in a while (for like 2 months). He had been texting him that week but Rob hadn't replied. He spoke to Jackson Rathbone the week before and told him about about the convention in England he was going to and Jackson said he had to let him know all about it when he gets back.

He talked about 'Fastlane' and he said how much fun it was to film.

I asked him about 'Can't Hardly Wait'. He looked right at me when he answered and I nearly forgot to breathe! He dazzled me lol. He said that afterwards he was offered 'Shes All That' but turned it down. After filming 'Can't Hardly Wait' he didn't want to be typecast in teen movies,so he cut his hair really short and grew a beard! just like Rob kinda did.

Near the end of the hour, he was saying that there were some attendees he recognised in the room who he had seen earlier in the day, and then he turned to me and said ' i'm sorry I don't remember you' and I said 'it's ok I haven't had any signings or photoshoots yet.' I am not sure how I got the words out, I think I mumbled, because I was sitting nearest to him and he put his hand on my knee as he said this! omg. omg. omg. I felt myself blushing.. I was screaming inside.

He was soo nice. such a pro and a gentleman. Trust him to apologise. There are 800 attendees and he was apologising for not remembering me.

He was saying that he wishes that he could speak to everybody but because we know we haven't got long at the signings or photoshoots it makes everybody feel awkward. It was sweet because at the end security were telling him he had to leave and he was like no, 1 more minute... 30 more seconds. They were like, everyone is waiting for you on the mini bus..

When I met him on the Sunday (at 9am!) for autograph signing he said 'hello again' and smiled!!
I asked if he didn't mind, would he sign my Blood Drive poster 'Carlisle Cullen', He wrote:

Save a vampire,donate blood! Dr Carlisle Cullen *heart* Peter Facinelli

I wear glasses, and had 2 photoshoots with him and the photographer was checking the photos were ok, i.e no reflections, and told me to wait. Peter had his arms really tight around me and I was trying so hard to remember to breathe and not faint. I was shaking and he held me tighter... like that was gonna help!
I was talking to a friend just outside the main hall and I was in the middle of a sentence and Peter walked through the door and I just stopped talking and she just turned round and realised straight away why. It was soo funny. I am just in awe of him. I felt so devestated on sunday night after he left. I am addicted to him. I need another fix. I have met some famous people before but no one has affected me like he has EVER.


Talked to Kellans friends Ryan and Tanner quite a lot. They borrowed my friends blackberry charger! I kept bumping into Ryan all weekend. In the bar, corrider, lobby.He was like oh its you again! lol . He enjoyed the convention but thought it was funny people were screaming at Kellan. He thought London was 'cool'.


Another one of my friends played Black Jack with Kellan on the Saturday night, at the prom party (casino theme!) and she won £400.. in fake money of course :o) Kellan was gutted!

The best quotes!

What was it like working with Rob Pattinson?

Peter Facinelli: Sexy!


Kellan Lutz: I liked the Jeep. It got really dirty

someone in audience: I love that you like it dirty!!


Did you get to keep any props from the film?

Ashley Greene: I’m so keeping the Porsche (from New Moon)

Kellan: I'd have liked to keep Rob (pause) locked up. (pause) in my basement
Kellan: You know, its still hard just to get an audition..
Peter: Unless you're Peter Facinelli!
If you starred as the lead in a gay movie, who would you want as your leading man?
Peter: Rob Pattinson
Justin: Crispin Glover...I think we'd do something extremely interesting.
Peter: What kinda movie is this?
Kellan: I'd have a photo of James Dean (pause) with a hole for the mouth (pause) and fill it with Gummi bears (what?!)
If you could be any character in Harry Potter who would you be?
Kellan: Cedric
Justin Chon: I don't know anything about Harry Potter. (seriously?! where have you been..)
Someone from audience: Dumbledore!
Justin:Who's Dumbledore?
Peter: Its the handsome, young good looking guy!!
If you had gotten the role of Edward how would you have done differently?
Kellan: I'd run better (pause) I'd catch a baseball (pause) I'd kiss better
someone in audience: Prove It!
Kellan and Peter start leaning in like they're going kiss and break off laughing.
Peter: That's gross I'm your dad!
Kellan: We're close, we're cool
Peter: Not that close!
Kellan: LET'S FIND OUT!! ha ha
Christian Serratos was telling a story of how an actor refused to give her an autograph
Peter: "Oh! Was that you?"
Talking about what is on their Ipod
Ashley to Peter: "you listen to Pink?!" giving the most disgusted look to Peter.
Who would be your Bella or Edward?
Kellan moves his chair closer to Ashley Aww
Kellan talking about filming Generation Kill:
We were shooting Iraqi soldiers (pause) not for real though
FYI Kellans brother is actually in the army and is in Iraq right now.

Talking about deleted scenes and the 'she's not one of us' scene with Kellan/Emmett which was in the trailer but not in the movie

Peter: There’s also the scene with Emmett running naked through the woods.

Kellan saying he got lost on the way to England and ended up in Paris. and then saying he swam to England (do you get it?! clever huh)

someone in audience shouting out if he wore Speedos..

Kellan: Speedos? No, I go commando.


Ashley minutes after her phone rang in her pocket, while on stage:

Turn your cell phone off- I’m talking.


Christian was talking. Kellan was taking off his jacket and the audience was 'wooo' totally interrupting Christian. Then Peter stands up and pretends to undo his trousers cue more 'wooo'

Peter: I'm 350 years old, that's disgusting!

Most surreal moment
Walking into the bar - to find Peter playing pool!? I just stopped dead in my tracks. completely in shock and my friend just laughed, walked past me up to the bar and left me there.. I tried to take photos on my phone but they're all blurry because my hands were shaking so much!
I only read the books/watched the film because Peter was in it. It's his fault I'm now obsessed with Twilight! - which is great because it meant I finally got to meet him after all these years. It was the best 3 days of my life (so far). oh and roll on 18th July! I'm gonna meet him again :o)
I have liked Peter Facinelli ever since I saw 'Can't Hardly Wait' 7 years ago. I was sitting watching this film with my then boyfriend and all I could think was w-o-w that guy is cute! And a great actor too obviously ha ha. I have followed Peters career ever since. By the end of this year I will have met him twice. Am counting down the days til 18th July London Film and Comic Con.
Every one must watch - Can't Hardly Wait, Love Sucks, Supernova, Fastlane, Damages etc

It was amazing to meet him the first time..it will amazing to meet him again!

This is going to be the best year ever!!

3 months and 18 days til I meet Peter again..not that I'm counting!
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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Happy Birthday Kellan!

Happy 24th birthday Kellan Christopher Lutz. (Emmett Cullen) .

Kellan’s birthday is today (15th March) but he has already been celebrating. Kellan and Edi Gathegi (Laurent) went to their birthday party at Prive Las Vegas on 13th March.
photos courtesy of kellanlutzonline.com

In honour of this here is a new fanfiction.

It's Emmetts 'human birthday' and Rosalie has a sexy suprise in store!
emmettXrosalie +Gummi bears?! (yes I know Twilight vampires don't eat..) If you're wondering why Gummi bears? It's a reference to something Kellan said at the Eternal Twilight convention..


note: contain scenes of an adult nature. rated 18+ don't like, don't read. (Mum do not read this..)

Friday, 6 March 2009

Deleted meadow scene IN FULL !!

Its a nice sunny blue sky day today but still freezing! so to cheer everyone up here is the deleted meadow scene, IN FULL! (yesterday was just a preview clip). And its definitely on the DVD. woo hoo!


ENJOY! thoughts? leave a comment..

sorry I can't update you with photos of Eternal Twilight today, am not updating from home. Please be patient.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Rob + Kristen deleted x rated meadow scene!

Hi all,

I had an amazing time at Eternal Twilight convention. words can't describe it. I will be updating with full details and photos on thursday night. So much to tell you!

But first:



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Thursday, 26 February 2009

the doctor is in the house..

Saving the best til last. Ladies and Gentleman please welcome Peter Facinelli AKA Dr Carlisle Cullen.

1 day til Eternal Twilight convention! 24 little hours until I meet Peter Facinelli. omg. This must be a dream. This can't be real..can it?
*breathe fangirl breathe*
The photo above of Peter and his wife was taken 3 days ago!!
A friend recently asked me, if I could be any film character who would I be and why. My answer? Esme Cullen, because then I'd get to f*ck Carlisle! lol
Peter Facinelli was born on 26th November 1973 in Queens, New York. Before getting the part of Carlisle Cullen in Twilight he has appeared in TV's 'Fastlane' ,'Six Feet Under' and 'Damages' among others and also in 2 of my favourite films, 'Riding In Cars With Boys' in 2001 and 'Can't Hardly Wait' back in 1998.
He is currently filming 'Nurse Jackie' and is rumoured to be starring in 'Thicker' and 'The Absinthe Drinkers'.

Random Fact: He is married to actress Jennie Garth (pictured above, of TV's '90210') and they have 3 daughters - Luca Bella, Lola Ray and Fiona Eve.

I will be leaving for Northampton tommorrow morning and will be back home monday evening (when it will all be over.no..!). I will update you with photos from the convention either monday or tuesday night. For every one who is going, I hope we all have a great time. For all of you that can't make it, the next one is in October!


Quote of the day:"I'd seen Dr. Cullen before, of course, yet I couldn't help but be struck again by his youth, his outrageous perfection."
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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Kellan Lutz IS Emmett Cullen

2 days til Eternal Twilight convention so here is an update with info about the actors attending.
Second is Kellan Lutz AKA Emmett Cullen.
Kellan Christopher Lutz was born on 15th March 1985 in Dickenson, North Dakota. Before getting the part of Emmett Cullen in Twilight he has appeared in TV's 'CSI' and 'Generation Kill' among others and also this hilarious Diet Mountain Dew commercial. click below.
He is currently starring in '90210' as George Evans, with Jennie Garth (wife of Peter Facinelli - more of him tommorrow!) .
Kellan and Twilight co-star Ashley Greene (see my previous blog post) have just finished filming 'Warrior' due to be released in the US sometime later this year.
Random Fact: He has six brothers and one sister.
Quote of the day:"I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you. Everything’s so much more fun with you around."
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Monday, 23 February 2009

Oscars, Dakota and Ashley Greene AKA Alice Cullen

First off, it was the Oscars last night so here is a pic of a clean ish shaven Rob Pattinson on the red carpet.

Now to todays post. 4 days til Eternal Twilight convention so for the next 3 days I will update with info about the actors attending. First up is Ashley Greene AKA Alice Cullen.

Ashley Michele Greene was born on 21st February 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida. Happy Birthday Ashley..only 2 days late! Before getting the part of Alice Cullen in Twilight she has appeared in TV's 'Punk'd', 'Desire' and 'Crossing Jordan' among others and also in an iPod commercial .

At the premiere of 'Push', starring Dakota Fanning (15 years old today and rumoured to be appearing in New Moon herself), Ashley confirmed that the infamous yellow Porche will be in the film. This is very welcome news for die hard fans of Stephenie Meyer's book worried that the film wouldn't stay true to its source material.

Ashley and Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz (more about him tommorrow!) have just finished filming 'Warrior' due to be released in the US sometime later this year.

Random Fact: She loves Audrey Hepburn and 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' is one of her fav films.

Quote of the day:
"Speaking of Italy and sports cars I stole there.."
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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Twilight: Why we have all fallen in love with Edward Cullen

Ok, so I eventually watched Twilight last week. And I'm starting this blog *waves* .Yes I know they add scenes, swap scenes, make up scenes, etc etc. It’s not the same as the book. But I loved every second of it. And I think I'm gonna have to go watch it again..

They introduced Edward walking in slow motion through the door in the cafeteria. Yes it's a cliché, it's been done in lots of films but it worked. They needed that scene to be in the film. Exactly how it feels to be a teenage girl. She looks at him and thinks 'wow'. And then has to try and hide her feelings from her friends. Pretends she’s not interested. But she can't resist looking over at him. Their eyes meet (their eyes meet across a crowded room.. lol ).

It is impossible for any female of any age to watch this film (or read the book) and not fall in love with him.

And the fact that Cedric Diggory is Edward Cullen. Who would have thought that it would work so brilliantly?
My favourite scene..Carlisle walking through the doors in the hospital..what an entrance! :)


Quote Of The Day “I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend” Go Jacob.
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