Thursday, 24 March 2011

Vancouver day 7

My final day in Vancouver.  Pics of Sunset Beach, English Bay/False Creek and Burrard Street Bridge. Today it didn't rain! And blue sky/sunny :)

Met @twifans , lovely people :)

 Met up with/stayed with @marystat  (who I went to Italy/New Moon filming with)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Vancouver day 6

I found an active Breaking Dawn set. Security and production trucks there. There was production equipment in the blue tent. Unfortunately I couldn't get any closer. Security lead us away from the set area, but did confirm they were filming a Twilight movie and that the cables coming down the cliff were for filming (not for climbers). So possibly for a green screen?  The set is in a public area so security cannot ban everyone from going for a walk/hike in the area. There were no cast members on set at the time, but judging by all the crew (around 10?), production equipment and security, it was definitely an active set. As we were leaving, some younger fans arrived and asked what they were filming, was it Breaking Dawn and security said no, they were filming a commercial.  The pics are areas which were marked for filming.

In other non Breaking Dawn news..  views from road north of Vancouver. Stunning scenery.

I met @rpattz4me today. Good times :)

And I found a police car.. said i would find and take a pic of one ha ha!

Went to Vera's Burger Shack for dinner. Spent the evening at @robbedmyheart s and watched 'Welcome To The Rileys' (at last! not released in UK). Brilliant movie! James, Melissa and Kristen all great.  Then watched 'Eclipse'  with Rob and Kristens commentary. It's hilarious.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Vancouver day 5

(blogger doesnt want to layout my pics today.. no idea why)

Today I went to see some Breaking Dawn sets.  This is Bella swans house in Surrey.  It's really tiny, and is just a set built house. There is still security there so obviously this set, whilst not being used for filming right now, will be used again before Breaking Dawn filming ends. The tree that Jacob climbs into Bella's room is so small.

This is Jacob Blacks house in Port Coquitlam.  It is a real house and, random fact, was actually green but producers paid for the owners to paint it red. This was way back when they wanted to use it for New Moon.

In the evening went to Glowbal bar & grill in Yaletown with @persinger20 @robbedmyheart @monkiesjunkie @hazelplaid  and met up with my London friend @lorabell afterwards :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Vancouver day 4

Today I went to Stanley Park. It's 100 acres. I walked around the Lost Lagoon, through the woods (TALL trees & a great wooden crocodile!) and all the way to Prospect Point. Stunning views of West & North Vancouver, the bay, Lions Gate bridge and the mountains. Oh, and I saw a black squirrel, I didn't know they existed (we have red or grey squirrels in England).

Walked back through the park down the seawall walk, towards Downtown, to the totem poles at Brockton point.

It was a really nice day, sunny (still really cold though) but exhausted after walking around for hours. I ate dinner (mussels and fries) in the hotel restaurant and had a relaxing evening. Resting for more exploring tomorrow!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Vancouver day 3

Underworld 4 was filming in this alleyway (unfortunately only discovered set as they were clearing away).

I went to Gastown today. This is the steam clock . As you can see it was fully working when I was there :) really cool.

Had lunch is a cafe called Cafe BuonGiorno. The Everton v Fulham football (soccer) match was on the tv. ha ha. Also went to a old book store. I could have easily spend hours in there.

For dinner, I went to 'Nooks' restaurant on Robson Street for pizza. Below is a pic of the mountains, from Robson Street.

I'm obsessed with these mountains.

After that I went to La Casa Gelato. It has 218 flavours of ice cream!! Amazing place. I need to come back here one day when i haven't given up chocolate for charity (see JustGiving link to the right) I needed really good self control, wasn't easy. After trying some of the crazy flavours (curry flavour ice cream??) I settled on vanilla and butterscotch which was extremely nice!

This is the view from Cloud 9 bar/restaurant. 42nd floor! The lift goes up 1 floor a second, and the restaurant revolves 360 degrees so you see all of Vancouver. Crazy.. and the view was just wow. I also saw the super moon from this restaurant :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Vancouver day 2

Pic above is inside Orpheum theatre, where Rob Pattinson was filming Breaking Dawn a few days ago. (and where Underworld 4 filmed later today) Nice theatre/set right ?

view from hotel window vancouver + mountains :)

I went food shopping in the morning. So much choice, and different to England. I had to ask my roomie lots of questions *blush*. I didn't think things would be so different. This is my first time out of Europe. Minor culture shock, the food, crossing the road (no button to push to change the lights?), trying to talk in Canadian or American, as lots of words are different. I did lots of sightseeing today. I walked to Burrard inlet (see pic above). I'm shocked at how close the city is to the mountains. It's stunning. I saw a fire engine and took a pic and the firemen waved ha ha. Am on a mission to see/take a pic of a police car whilst i'm here now..

The streets all look like a movie set to me as that's the only time i've seen them. I know Vancouver is the same as most Canadian and American cities. Am getting used to it slowly.

Ate something I've never had before (and probably never will again..), Buffalo! It was really nice :)

I spent evening at @robbedmyheart s apartment watching Rob Pattinson interview on Jay Leno show :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Vancouver day 1

Hey all,

So I haven't updated this blog in forever. If you follow me on twitter (which most/all of you do) then you know all the adventures I've had since I last updated! I thought I would write about my Vancouver trip so you can follow my adventures here :)

Day 1 is just travelling but I thought I would share.

plane journey - London Heathrow to Vancouver. 11 hours. 3631 miles. watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, Spiderwick Chronicles , and Atonement. The food was really good, well compared to European flights ha ha. Chicken, pasta, spinach and carrots, followed by vanilla icecream later on. Seeing the Rockie mountains from the plane window was amazing!

Arrived at Vancouver airport at 4pm exhausted, just wanting to desperately get my luggage and get to my hotel. I got asked lots of questions at Customs desk , why was I travelling alone, who was I visiting, where I am staying.. assumed Customs woman was ok with everything I said. She wrote some numbers on my customs declaration card but I had no idea what that meant and carried on to the final check point to leave the airport. I got stopped and told to go to another area. I then had to queue for 45 minutes to speak to a Customs officer. I called my hotel roomie to let her know where I was. Then Customs officer asked me more questions..and literally took everything out of my suitcase. I gave him all the hotel details, and friends contact details. He disapeared with my passport and details. I waited some more. Eventually, after another 2o-30 minutes officer came back and said I was free to go. I found out later that the officer had called my roomie to check all the details were correct. I eventually left Vancouver airport at 6.20pm. The last shuttle bus to my hotel was 6pm *sigh* so I had to get a taxi.

I arrived at hotel and literally put my luggage down and went across the street to a bar called Joeys, to meet my hotel roomie @persinger20 , and 2 more twitter friends @robbedmyheart @monkeysjunkie . Food, chat, good times but unfortunately I was too tired to enjoy it fully. By the time I went to bed I had been awake 23 hours.