Sunday, 20 March 2011

Vancouver day 3

Underworld 4 was filming in this alleyway (unfortunately only discovered set as they were clearing away).

I went to Gastown today. This is the steam clock . As you can see it was fully working when I was there :) really cool.

Had lunch is a cafe called Cafe BuonGiorno. The Everton v Fulham football (soccer) match was on the tv. ha ha. Also went to a old book store. I could have easily spend hours in there.

For dinner, I went to 'Nooks' restaurant on Robson Street for pizza. Below is a pic of the mountains, from Robson Street.

I'm obsessed with these mountains.

After that I went to La Casa Gelato. It has 218 flavours of ice cream!! Amazing place. I need to come back here one day when i haven't given up chocolate for charity (see JustGiving link to the right) I needed really good self control, wasn't easy. After trying some of the crazy flavours (curry flavour ice cream??) I settled on vanilla and butterscotch which was extremely nice!

This is the view from Cloud 9 bar/restaurant. 42nd floor! The lift goes up 1 floor a second, and the restaurant revolves 360 degrees so you see all of Vancouver. Crazy.. and the view was just wow. I also saw the super moon from this restaurant :)

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