Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Vancouver day 6

I found an active Breaking Dawn set. Security and production trucks there. There was production equipment in the blue tent. Unfortunately I couldn't get any closer. Security lead us away from the set area, but did confirm they were filming a Twilight movie and that the cables coming down the cliff were for filming (not for climbers). So possibly for a green screen?  The set is in a public area so security cannot ban everyone from going for a walk/hike in the area. There were no cast members on set at the time, but judging by all the crew (around 10?), production equipment and security, it was definitely an active set. As we were leaving, some younger fans arrived and asked what they were filming, was it Breaking Dawn and security said no, they were filming a commercial.  The pics are areas which were marked for filming.

In other non Breaking Dawn news..  views from road north of Vancouver. Stunning scenery.

I met @rpattz4me today. Good times :)

And I found a police car.. said i would find and take a pic of one ha ha!

Went to Vera's Burger Shack for dinner. Spent the evening at @robbedmyheart s and watched 'Welcome To The Rileys' (at last! not released in UK). Brilliant movie! James, Melissa and Kristen all great.  Then watched 'Eclipse'  with Rob and Kristens commentary. It's hilarious.

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