Saturday, 19 March 2011

Vancouver day 2

Pic above is inside Orpheum theatre, where Rob Pattinson was filming Breaking Dawn a few days ago. (and where Underworld 4 filmed later today) Nice theatre/set right ?

view from hotel window vancouver + mountains :)

I went food shopping in the morning. So much choice, and different to England. I had to ask my roomie lots of questions *blush*. I didn't think things would be so different. This is my first time out of Europe. Minor culture shock, the food, crossing the road (no button to push to change the lights?), trying to talk in Canadian or American, as lots of words are different. I did lots of sightseeing today. I walked to Burrard inlet (see pic above). I'm shocked at how close the city is to the mountains. It's stunning. I saw a fire engine and took a pic and the firemen waved ha ha. Am on a mission to see/take a pic of a police car whilst i'm here now..

The streets all look like a movie set to me as that's the only time i've seen them. I know Vancouver is the same as most Canadian and American cities. Am getting used to it slowly.

Ate something I've never had before (and probably never will again..), Buffalo! It was really nice :)

I spent evening at @robbedmyheart s apartment watching Rob Pattinson interview on Jay Leno show :)

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