Friday, 18 March 2011

Vancouver day 1

Hey all,

So I haven't updated this blog in forever. If you follow me on twitter (which most/all of you do) then you know all the adventures I've had since I last updated! I thought I would write about my Vancouver trip so you can follow my adventures here :)

Day 1 is just travelling but I thought I would share.

plane journey - London Heathrow to Vancouver. 11 hours. 3631 miles. watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, Spiderwick Chronicles , and Atonement. The food was really good, well compared to European flights ha ha. Chicken, pasta, spinach and carrots, followed by vanilla icecream later on. Seeing the Rockie mountains from the plane window was amazing!

Arrived at Vancouver airport at 4pm exhausted, just wanting to desperately get my luggage and get to my hotel. I got asked lots of questions at Customs desk , why was I travelling alone, who was I visiting, where I am staying.. assumed Customs woman was ok with everything I said. She wrote some numbers on my customs declaration card but I had no idea what that meant and carried on to the final check point to leave the airport. I got stopped and told to go to another area. I then had to queue for 45 minutes to speak to a Customs officer. I called my hotel roomie to let her know where I was. Then Customs officer asked me more questions..and literally took everything out of my suitcase. I gave him all the hotel details, and friends contact details. He disapeared with my passport and details. I waited some more. Eventually, after another 2o-30 minutes officer came back and said I was free to go. I found out later that the officer had called my roomie to check all the details were correct. I eventually left Vancouver airport at 6.20pm. The last shuttle bus to my hotel was 6pm *sigh* so I had to get a taxi.

I arrived at hotel and literally put my luggage down and went across the street to a bar called Joeys, to meet my hotel roomie @persinger20 , and 2 more twitter friends @robbedmyheart @monkeysjunkie . Food, chat, good times but unfortunately I was too tired to enjoy it fully. By the time I went to bed I had been awake 23 hours.

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